A day to remember

As I write this, I can’t really believe its all over.  16 weeks of training through all sorts of weather for one day in the sun.

Dan, Alistair, and Lauren were amazing.  They didn’t have the benefit of being able to train as I did, yet they still completed the course.  I’m so proud of them, and I know Karen would be too.

My time of 4:54 wasn’t  quite what I was hoping for, but I cant complain.  I kept up with the 4:30 pacer up to mile 15 but then had to answer the call of nature.  That meant I lost track of the pacer and never really go going as well as I had before.  I was also starting to feel quite knackered.  I finished 380 in the 60-64 age group out of 568 and 18,124 overall.

The next 7 miles were tough and the next 4 were brutal.  I have never felt so tired in my life.  Having done 22 miles in training I really did not know what 26 would be like.  Now I do.  Its exponentially tougher.

I didn’t really get emotional until I had gone through the finish line and was being handed my medal.  I looked down at my running vest, saw the picture of Karen and let it all come out for a minute or two.

An unforgettable day.




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