Week 14 – Two more years

This track came on during my 9 mile run today and it got me thinking…..only two more weeks to go, but it seems like two years.  It really can’t come soon enough.  I’ve done all the training, now I need the main event.

Having said that, I picked up a calf strain towards the end of the run which has seen me hobbling round most of the afternoon, so a couple of extra weeks to recover will be good.  I have 8 runs left of up to 5 miles each, although some involve interval training.

This weeks run on Thursday was only 5 miles but it certainly tested me.  In the middle of the run I had to do 10 repetitions of a one minute sprint followed by one minute at my marathon pace.  Suffice to say that the 8th 9th and 10th ‘sprints’ were considerably slower than the first few.

Weather was great again and I was glad to have my camelback for water.

I thought I’d start with a bit of Bruce and Thunder Road, which was followed a few tracks later by Bloc Party and the title track for this week.  I finished with Blondie and Will Anything Happen.  Lots of golden oldies in between, which brought back some great memories.

I’ve probably listened to more music in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years.  I will have to start checking out concerts again.  Bruce at Wembley was the last one I went to in 2016 and I saw The Stranglers at Hammersmith a year or two before. The girls have promised me Arcade Fire tickets when they are next on tour.  Can’t wait, their concerts on YouTube look amazing!


One thought on “Week 14 – Two more years

  1. john hosler says:

    Hard to believe you have been in training for 14 weeks! I got a thigh strain the other day getting up to make a cup of tea so I can identify with you on the extreme sports injury. Look after that thigh and stay focused as you are on track. The last concert I went to was 21 pilots at the forum in Melbourne (ok I was picking up Juliet, but I still went).
    Keep it up, two weeks to go.


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