Week 13 – Runnin down a dream

Phew, no more long training runs until the big day.  After 22 miles today I only need to do 4 runs a week of around 5 miles each, plus one of 9 miles for the next 3 weeks.  If I’m not ready now, I never will be!

I decided to drive to Esher for today’s run for a bit of a change of scenery.  I ran through some Thames Ditton side roads to a favourite pub of ours, The Olde Swan, on the river that brought back many happy memories.  I then did a loop back to Esher and then down to Hampton Court and along the Thames to Kingston Bridge and back again to Hampton Court and on to Walton.  I then headed back to Esher.

Running the towpath was lovely, and much better than all the Epsom and Dorking roads.  The only problem was lots of people walking dogs who seemed incapable of getting out of the way, and one old boy who shouted ‘you look as bad as I feel mate’ as I staggered past at around 19 miles.

I was satisfied with my time of 3hrs 41mins, but when I look at the split times of the run, I was slowing up big time on the last 2 miles.

I would love to complete the marathon in under 4 hrs 30mins, so it looks like it will be touch and go.  Those extra 4 miles are not going to be easy.

I feel every one of my 60 years as I’m sitting down writing this!










One thought on “Week 13 – Runnin down a dream

  1. john hosler says:


    Things sound to be ‘on track’. I was that guy that made the comment (a la the scarlet pimpernel from Black Adder). The mention of the Olde Swan and all those familiar areas bring back memories of cruising in the MG roadster. I am sure they are split times I could only dream of. I do not like to moan but no music report?


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