Week 12 – Perfect Day

The best weather I’ve had on any run so far.  Sunny and breezy.  It’s the first time I haven’t needed a sweatshirt on a long run since starting training.  Just shorts, a T shirt, and a thin long sleeve cycling shirt.

The training schedule said to try and do the 18 miles in 3 sections. I did the route from Ashtead to Dorking Station with a double back at Denbies.  The first and last 6 miles was at an ‘easy pace’ and the middle 6 at ‘target’ marathon pace.  I decided to aim for an easy pace of 10 mins 30 secs and a target pace of 9 mins 50 secs.  It didn’t quite work out that way, but not too bad.  The first and last 6 miles were about 10:40 a mile and the Middle 6 about 9:25.  Still, it was good practice and I also managed to use my camelback for drinking, which helped.  My time was 3 hours 8 mins.

I was knackered at the end, particularly as I have 22 miles to ‘look forward to’ next Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Week 12 – Perfect Day

  1. john hosler says:

    You sound to be getting in the zone now. Your conditon must be good if you are strong enough to carry a camel as well. Keep it up.


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